Last Call: January 09, 2021

What a week it has been. Never in my lifetime did I ever think I would see a bunch of ignorant and violent half-wits storm our nation’s Capitol Building. But then again, I never thought Trump would or could ever become our president. I guess I gave my fellow citizens too much credit.

Anyway, ELEVEN MORE DAYS and the #WorstPresidenEver is officially out of office. Unfortunately, his Cult is here to stay. That being said: Many in his cult are Domestic Terrorists…slice and dice or spin away but as evidenced by Wednesday’s failed attempted coup, his cult is filled with Domestic Terrorists who plotted their acts of terrorism online.

So, News Viewers–a special request: You guys being the good stewards of the world…See something, say something. We can not let this to ever happen again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Joe Biden’s inauguration is safe and not disrupted by a bunch of terrorists who want to take back their country by any means possible.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe!

The video quality isn’t the greatest and at the time of the recording it applied to the Mid-East but today, it applies to us.

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