Jason Nightengale Killed After Chicago, Evanston Murder Rampage at IHOP, Store

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said in a news conference that the events were “tragic.” They are also confusing because there were so many different shootings, so Brown carefully laid out each one. No motive is known.”

Jason Nightengale was a 32-year-old Illinois man who went on a random shooting rampage in Chicago and Evanston on January 10, randomly wounding and murdering multiple people in an IHOP, convenience store, street, and apartment. Altogether seven people were shot, at least five fatally.

According to Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown, who spoke in a news conference, Nightengale shot and killed an apartment security guard, a man sitting in a garage, and a man in a convenience store. He also shot a teenager in a car, a woman in an IHOP restaurant, and other people during the shooting spree.

Jason Nightengale

The shootings were random. Nightengale was then shot and killed by Evanston police. One of the victims was a student at the University of Chicago, the university confirmed in a statement on Twitter. The victims’ names were not yet released. Nightengale’s name has been incorrectly spelled in some outlets and on social media as Jason Nightingale. (Cont.)

Source: Heavy Chicago Sun Times