Trump Plans Defiant Final Week

Trump and a dwindling circle of inside advisers are planning to spend the coming final week of his presidency flaunting his achievements in defiance.

Trump is confident that VP Mike Pence will not invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office, and his advisers are suggesting impeachment is another witch hunt and the Senate will not convict him. According to a source close, an adviser is calling a second impeachment a gift from Democrats.

However Trump and Pence have not spoken since Wednesday, and Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) said he’d never seen Pence as angry after Trump said he didn’t have the “courage” to intervene in the counting of Electoral College votes.

A trip to Alamo, Texas, near the border, is scheduled for Tuesday when Trump plans to highlight his see-through wall as a last ditch attempt to rehabilitate his legacy.

Trump is also planning another round of pardons, and one more bigly attack on Big Tech, although it’s uncertain what he could accomplish.

From CNN, it’s said some aides have encouraged him to seize on the ban from Twitter and other platforms as an opportunity to reignite arguments of anti-conservative bias on social media, and to frame the ban as an attack on his supporters.

While a tantrum against Twitter and others is likely to galvanize his base, it’s unlikely to shift attention from Trump’s role in the riots at the Capitol on Wednesday.

From Bloomberg

Other sourcing from The Hill.