Could Giuliani’s call to a senator under siege be the smoking gun proof of a coordinated coup/insurrection?

There is a plethora of evidence consisting of tweets, video and phone calls documenting Trump’s attempted coup.

His defenders call it conversations and free speech. But does Giuliani’s, Trump’s personal attorney, call to a senator during the attack on the capitol building represent the “smoking gun,” proof of a coordinated plan? A plan that in addition to Trump included members of the united states house and senate, right wing media and the MAGA insurgents that stormed the capitol.

MSNBCs Chris Hayes reviews in his report just how prepared the domestic terrorists were that stormed the capitol building, Trump’s incendiary speech just before the attack and concludes with Giuliani’s almost casual call to Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville with a request/instructions to further delay proceedings.

The timing and content of Giuliani’s call is damning. There is no inquiry from him whether everyone was ok or safe. Not even a mention. Just instruction of what to do next.

Brian Tyler Cohen reports how Washington DC’s Attorney General may charge Trump for inciting violence and other legal peril he may face. 

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The call;

Report: Rudy Guiliani left voicemail for Sen. Tuberville to stall Congress but called wrong number –