COVID 19 UPDATES: 1 / 12 / 2021

Congrats America, besides being in a state of insurrection and preparing for simultaneous domestic terror attacks at all 50 state capitals + the DC capital building starting this weekend….Pandemic deaths are so high that America is now averaging a 9/11 death toll per day, but don’t ask president treason to take responsibility for that.


  • 254,183 new cases per day (7 day average
  • 3,301 new deaths per day (7 day average)
  • 2.62 million cases this month (11 days)
  • 30,657 deaths this month (11 days)
  • 23.1 million cases total
  • 385,249 deaths total


  • America’s 7 day average positive test rate is 13.0%According to the WHO, when the positive test rate is above 5%, a high percentage of asymptomatic and mild symptom cases are likely not being tested and tracked.
  • 3 states have an average test rate of 5% or below.  NOTE:  for the first time, DC now has a positive test rate above 5%.  Thanks Trump terrorists.
  • 32 states have an average positive test rate of 10% or higher
  • 13 states have an average positive test rate of 20% or higher


  • Currently Hospitalized:  129,748
  • Currently in ICU Ward:  23,494
  • Currently on Ventilator:  7,781

Data compiled by, snake.