Talko Tuesday: Let off some steam, pressure cookers

It seems like everyone resembles a pressure cooker these days; just waiting to release their steam at PSI levels never been seen or released by mere mortals. So, I’m asking and channeling my inner Michelle Obama that everyone just chill for a bit, at least for today. Count to 10. Act, don’t react…just take a deep breath. We don’t need no stinking Civil War; we don’t.

Yes, it’s ugly out there and it’s suggested, it might get uglier but let’s not put ourselves in the same ugly boat. Let’s just chill, let off some steam…not explode, but think it through. I’m asking everyone to try to be more civil; that’s today’s challenge. Try to be more civil. I will even try to refrain from using the term, MAGAts, at least for a day.

😊 😊 😊 Have a nice day! 😊 😊 😊

See? Easy peasy.

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