Death Is the Only Remedy’: Capitol Rioter Charged for Beating D.C. Cop With American Flagpole

Video footage shows Peter Francis Stager with a large group on the stairs of the Capitol building and holding a flagpole. Another video shows Stager hit the officer while he “remained prone on the steps.” The FBI said they learned of Stager’s identity from a confidential informant who saw the videos on social media.

“Everybody in there is a treasonous traitor. Death is the only remedy for what’s in that building,” Stager can be heard saying in a second video,according to the criminal complaint.

The second informant said that Stager claimed he “did not know the man he was struck on the ground with the flagpole was a cop and that he thought the person he was striking was Antifa.”

Daily Beast

At about the 10 second mark, the policeman is dragged out of the building. The Trump rioters chant USA USA USA …Later in the video Trump’s Thugs sing the national anthem.

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