Prosecutors claim Kyle Rittenhouse seen out on bail drinking with members of Proud Boys

Kyle Rittenhouse, the 18-year-old who was charged with fatally shooting two protesters during a protest in Wisconsin, was seen drinking with members of the far-right Proud Boys group, according to prosecutors.

The Washington Post reported that Rittenhouse was seen by state prosecutors at a bar where the 18-year-old was wearing a shirt that read “Free as f—” and socializing with known members of the group.

In a motion this week, prosecutors asked a judge to prohibit Rittenhouse from drinking alcohol, which is legal for 18-year-olds in the state under parental supervision, and from socializing with the group. It was unclear if Rittenhouse’s parents or a legal guardian was present at the bar.

“The defendant’s continued association with members of a group that prides itself on violence, and the use of their symbols, raises the significant possibility of future harm,” read the motion, according to the Post.

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