It’s 5:00 Somewhere

Trump walks into a bar…….and immediately lowers it. Ugh……Did he have to lower it this far? These MAGAholics need their next pub crawl squashed and sent directly to the MAGAdrunk-tank.

Thanks to the MAGApandemic, raging like a dumpster fire, we can be grateful bars are closed. Feel free to hang out with us, here at the NewsViews Lounge — where it’s 5:00 no matter your longitude. We can drown our Trump sorrows by crying in our beer, whether that beer is literal or figurative. All alternatives will be entertained.

I’m stocked for the weekend. Got popcorn, got wings (and my new air fryer!), wine and a fresh keg of vodka. Okay, just vodka — although if a keg were an option, I’d consider a proper cost analysis.

So let’s have a beer summit (with or without the beer) and raise a glass to the last Friday of the Trump MAGA-Regime, while the MAGAworld burns.

That’s definitely something I will drink to — Cheers!