My Pillow Guy Meets With Trump

Mike Lindell looks pretty sneaky outside the West Wing on Friday, and he’s got notes for the president.

The partially visible notes appeared to mention “martial law if necessary,” and the “Insurrection Act,” an 1806 law that allows the president to mobilize the military and National Guard troops to quell civil disorder or actions of insurrection. 

Also in the notes were lines suggesting Kash Patel be moved to acting CIA in the final days of Trump, and Sidney Powell was an also-mention.

White House officials told the New York Times that nothing substantial came of the 5-10 minute meeting.

Lindell told the Times that the notes were not his, but that he was delivering them to the president on behalf of an unnamed lawyer.

“The attorney said, ‘Can you bring these to him,'” Lindell told the Times. “It was stuff to help the American people.”

Since the attack on the Capitol Lindell has insisted antifa was responsible for the “Stop the Steal” mob’s attack on Congress, where five people died.

This week the My Pillow company has continued to offer a “FightForTrump” discount code for its products.

The Hill