Talko Tuesday: Dear Trump

As we have said in the past, ByeDon, it’s time to really say, Bye Don! So, I thought it would be kind of fun and liberating to write the #WorstPresidentEver a note telling him, bye.

Here is my note to the only impeached twice, US ‘president who will go down in history as a one term president and more than likely, the worst president ever.

Dear Trump:

First off, for the entire four, long years you’ve occupied space in the People’s House, I’ve never once called you ‘President Trump’ because you’re not worthy of the title; you’re a disgrace to the Office of the Presidency.

Thanks for totally screwing up what once was a great country. My family came here to give us a better life and they did, until a bunch of dumbasses voted you into office. We’re now a third-world country filled with sick and unemployed people waiting in mile long food lines just to feed their families.

You inherited a thriving economy with low unemployment numbers but you pissed it all away because you had NO clue how to handle a once in a century pandemic. In fact, because of your incompetence and gross negligence in handling this once in a century pandemic, 400K Americans have lost their lives to it, psychopath. You have blood dripping from your hands that no amount of bleach can ever rid you of, psychopath.

I could go on but then my note to the White Supremacist in Chief would become a chapter (seriously) for a future US History book so, I won’t.

I will just continue by saying:

In conclusion, Trump, I hope that if there is a hell, may you burn there for eternity. May your entire administration and disgusting family join you in the pits of hell, you murderous psychopath. If 400K dead Americans and a bunch of kids separated from their parents by design doesn’t buy one a seat in hell, I don’t know what does.

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, psychopath.


Someone who is so glad you’re out of office and hopes you burn in hell.

***Please feel free to write a short note to the White Supremacist in Chief but absolutely ZERO calls for violence against him…ZERO. Yes, he brings out the worst of everyone here but, no calls for hangings, etc. We’re not MAGAts; don’t lower yourselves.

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