Ohio Deacon Says God Healed Cracked Glass!


Less than two days after a fire caused major damage to their place of worship, parishioners of Hubbard’s St. Patrick’s Church gathered to pray, as one of their members is reporting what he believes is a miracle.

The congregation celebrated 8:30 a.m. Mass on Wednesday inside the parish social hall, since the church was too badly damaged by smoke when the fire broke out late Monday.

Church Deacon Bill Bancroft posted a message on the church’s Facebook which he prefaced with the words, “For those who do not believe in miracles…” 

Read the Deacon’s amazing Facebook post:


The fire caused more than $1 million in damage to the church. 

Hubbard Eagle Joint Fire District Chief Ron Stanish said an investigation is underway, but it is believed the fire began in a conference room area near the kitchen. He said the room is structurally unsafe after the fire and needs to be checked by an engineer before firefighters can go into the area to investigate.

Extensive damage was done to the conference room and kitchen in the basement with smoke, water and heat damage throughout the building and some fire damage in the sanctuary on the main floor. The basement also has a boiler room and storage area.

There were no reports about the condition of the church Bible.

Hubbard is located just outside of Youngstown.

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