Biden Instantly Fires Trump-Appointed Anti-Worker Attorney

For anyone under the false impression that Donald Trump’s courtship of the white working class meant he would break with his party’s anti-union animus and employer favoritism, his nomination of Peter Robb as the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board should have been a rude awakening.
To say Robb was a management-side labor lawyer is like saying Babe Ruth was a ballplayer: In 1981, he was the lead federal government attorney in the Reagan administration’s successful effort to break a strike of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization. The administration then permanently placed the strikers under a lifetime reemployment ban (lifted by Bill Clinton in 1993).
As the most conspicuous government assault on workers’ rights since Calvin Coolidge broke the Boston police strike, the PATCO case was one of the great symbols of the new conservative hegemony in Washington that Reagan represented…

…Well, Biden passed the test. He demanded that Robb resign, and when Robb refused (citing his unexpired term), Biden fired him on his first day in office, to the predictable glee of those Robb had tormented while at the NLRB.

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Article submitted by, Adamas.