It’s 5:00 Somewhere

As “dem Trumps” have vacated Washington, there’s one fantastic benefit we may have overlooked. We no longer have to stand for Trump women hogging the fashion spotlight in their pretentious, vulgar couture.

Enter Bernie Sanders with his no-nonsense, handwarming and heartwarming mittens. Our dear Vermont Senator has ignited the internet with his casual attire conspicuously reminding us of a different normal for Inauguration Day and the days thereafter.

Are we not easily entertained? Yes, we are.

And Bernie himself warmly reacted to the attention being paid to his mittens.

I admit, I was smitten with the mittens myself. Did you find a favorite not shown? Please share in your comments and enjoy your Friday evening. It’s 5:00 somewhere, so raise your glass, mug, or thermos to our first weekend without Trump fashionistas clogging up our media. Thanks, Bernie, it was just what we all needed! Cheers!