The Netherlands brings in a curfew from 9pm on Saturday

The Netherlands will be under curfew from 9pm to 4.30am from Saturday until at least February 9, after a majority of MPs voted in favour of the plan, following a full day of debate.

Coalition party D66 (centrist), a known opponent of the cabinet’s original proposal, drew up a motion supporting the 9pm start, which is half an hour later than the cabinet had suggested.

The motion was supported by the other three coalition parties plus the Socialist Party, Labour Party, GroenLinks (Green Left) and 50Plus. The two far right parties PVV and FvD, plus fundamentalist Christian party SGP and the pro-animal PvdD voted against.

MPs spent most of Thursday debating the caretaker cabinet’s decision to introduce the curfew in an effort to keep more virulent strains of coronavirus at bay.

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