Billionaire PAC Club for Growth poured millions into Lauren Boebert’s campaign coffers

This is from the PAC’s site:

“As a small business owner, Lauren Boebert understands the irreparable harm government overreach and stifling regulations can cause,” said Club for Growth PAC President David McIntosh. “Boebert already shocked the Establishment in winning the primary against an incumbent and I have no doubt that she will be a conservative firebrand in Washington who will fight for freedom and pro-growth policies.”

The site

The Club for Growth has recently received the vast majority of its funding from Richard Uihlein, the anti-choice rightwing billionaire founder of Uline packaging supply company, and Jeffrey Yass, a billionaire co-founder of Susquehanna International Group, a Philadelphia-based options trading company.

The Uihleins, who also threw a lot of loot Donnie’s way

Last year, the group spent millions of dollars helping to elect Lauren Boebert, a far-right pro-gun activist and QAnon conspiracy theorist, who this week was reported to have challenged Capitol police officers who sought to check her purse after she set off metal detectors.

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