Liveblog - Weekend Wrap up: January 24, 2021

It’s Sunday and the weekend has come to an end. Below are a few articles and events we might have missed but are worthy of discussion. And in case you missed the Sunday shows, we got you covered. Please feel free to add your own headlines we might have missed.

  • Trump threw himself back into politics this weekend by publicly endorsing a devoted and divisive acolyte in Arizona who has embraced his false election conspiracy theories and entertained the creation of a new “MAGA Party.”
  • Republican lawmakers demonstrated Sunday that Democrats will have a fight on their hands to convict Donald Trump when the Senate next month opens its first-ever impeachment trial of a former president.
  • Arizona Republicans are bigly upset.

Rand Paul is still a douchebag:

  • Newt Gingrich claimed, without an evidence, that the Democratic Party wants to exterminate Republicans:
  • Chris Christie joins reality again:


  • Police are investigating after someone fired shots into the home of an official at the Ohio Department of Health, Dr. Mary Kate Francis, assistant medical director of the Ohio Department of Health.
  • Although the shooter’s motive is unknown at this time, public health officials in Ohio and around the country have been the target of protests and threats since the pandemic began.
  • Federal law enforcement officials are privately debating whether they should decline to charge some of the individuals who stormed the U.S. Capitol this month — a politically loaded proposition but one alert to the practical concern that hundreds of such cases could swamp the local courthouse.
  • Surge of Student Suicides Pushes Las Vegas Schools to Reopen.
  • House Democrats have renewed their long-stalled demand for Donald Trump’s federal tax records, but the Biden administration has not decided whether it will drop its predecessor’s objections and release the Treasury Department records to investigators, Justice Department attorneys told a federal judge Friday.
  • Mo Brooks claimed on Saturday that his widely condemned speech was taken out of context by the “fake news” media, and instead touted his remarks as exactly the right words needed by dejected Republicans and Trump supporters on January 6. Brooks claimed he “hates socialists” and news outlets for being “dishonest.”
  • “We were kind of depressed and despondent because we just got our derrieres kicked in November and the night before in Georgia [Senate runoffs],” Brooks told rallygoers Saturday, urging them to start preparing for the upcoming 2022 and 2024 election cycles. “I thought it was one of the best rally speeches I had ever given.”
  • Five people and an unborn child were found dead Sunday in Indianapolis in what the city’s mayor called an act of mass murder.
  • A threat against a Massachusetts high school was sent via email to 5,000 people over the weekend, prompting a police investigation.

  • MAGAts threaten members of Congress before Trump’s second trial begins

    Federal law enforcement officials are examining a number of threats aimed at members of Congress as the second trial of former President Donald Trump nears, including ominous chatter about killing legislators or attacking them outside of the U.S. Capitol, a U.S. official told The Associated Press.

  • New Coronavirus Variants Complicate Battle Against the Pandemic

    The emergence of new variants of the virus that causes Covid-19—including one in the U.K. that British officials say could be more deadly than earlier versions—signals a future in which health authorities are locked in a cat-and-mouse battle with a shape-shifting pathogen.

    Faster-spreading coronavirus strains that researchers fear could also make people sicker or render vaccines less effective threaten to extend lockdowns and lead to more hospitalizations and deaths, epidemiologists caution. But, they said, it doesn’t mean the contagion can’t be contained.

    “We’re living in a world where coronavirus is so prevalent and rapidly mutating that there are going to be new variants that pop up,” Anthony Harnden, a physician who advises the U.K. government, told Sky News. “We may well be in a situation where we end up having to have an annual coronavirus vaccine” to cope with emerging strains.

    New Coronavirus Variants Complicate Battle Against the Pandemic (

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers headed to the Super Bowl

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