Supreme Court Ends Trump Emoluments Lawsuits

The Supreme Court on Monday ended pending lawsuits over Trump’s profits during his term of presidency, saying the cases are moot now that he is no longer president.

The high court threw out challenges to lower courts that had allowed lawsuits to continue, alleging he violated the emolument’s clause of the Constitution by accepting payments from foreign and domestic officials who stayed at the Trump International Hotel and patronized other businesses owned by Trumps.

The cases were filed by Maryland and the District of Columbia along with high end restaurant and hotels who found themselves having to compete with Trump businesses during his presidency.

The attorneys general of Maryland and D.C. both said that the rulings of lower courts against Trump “will serve as precedent that will help stop anyone else from using the presidency or other federal office for personal financial gain the way that President Trump has over the past four years.”

The reaction from one of the attorneys challenging Trump was on Twitter.

Story at AP and CNN.