Ohio RWNJ Gym Jordan just got a Democratic challenger; meet Jeffrey Sites

Jeffrey Sites says he is pledging to be a voice for the middle class in a Congress that works for the wealthy and powerful.

You hear stories like mine a lot in our neck of the woods. We’re in tough times yet again, and we could use leaders who will look out for regular working folks. Instead, we get empty promises and pandering from professional politicians,” Sites said. “It’s time we had someone in Washington who gets what our lives are like and is willing to stand up for us.”

Democratic U.S. Army veteran and warehouse manager Jeff Sites formally announced Monday he will run for Congress for Ohio’s fourth Congressional district, challenging long-time U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Findlay. 

“Jim’s gotten himself a lot of attention for being hyper-partisan and dangerously extremist. He’s helped a lot of major donors pad their bank accounts. He’s been the best co-conspirator Trump could ask for. But he hasn’t done squat for Ohio in 14 years in Washington,” Sites said. “We deserve a congressman who will fight for working families as hard as Jim Jordan fought to undermine democracy.”


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