Talko Tuesday: Dear President Biden

Last week, the day before the inauguration, we featured letters/notes to FORMER ‘president’ Trump letting him know just what we think of the White Supremacist in Chief.

Now that President Biden has been in office almost a week, let’s write some notes to him letting him know what We the People who elected him to office would like to see him achieve. Remember, most of the stuff will require legislation passed by Congress. Of course, he has the power of the pen, executive orders, but it would be more effective if his legislation was codified.

So, here’s mine:

Dear President Biden:

I know you can’t wave a magic wand and make the last four years disappear but can we make the worst of the worst disappear? First, find the parents of the kids Trump ripped from their arms and reunite them, please. Seperating children from their parents was truly the worst of the worst the previous administration did. Please, get those families reunited, please.

Slow the spread of the deadly Trumpvirus and get those vaccinations in people’s arms. We need to put forth a campaign that educates people on the safety and advantages to getting vaccinated. We have a ton of ignorant AF people in this country and I know we can we can reach some of them, not all, but some.

Get our kids back to school SAFELY. They missed out an entire year and well, they’re behind. We already have an undereducated class of people; we don’t need more. Plus, if undereducated, they’ll grow up to be MAGAts because they won’t know any better. We want the MAGAt crew so far in the rear view mirror or on a desert island…Gitmo??? Yeah, let’s not foster or produce more MAGAts.


A person that would’ve, without hesitation, voted for you in 2016 but had reservations in 2020….until I realized you could beat Trump, keep the House in Democratic control, and perhaps flip the Senate. The Senate is tied but that’s ok. Thank you—and thanks to my girl, Kamala, who will cast the deciding vote when tied.

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