2021 Doomsday Clock: It’s still 100 seconds to midnight

Little progress has been made to alleviate the civilization-ending threats of nuclear weapons and climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic provided a wake-up call that national governments and international organizations are ill-prepared to handle a global crisis…

In addition to the pandemic, the world’s superpowers continue to modernize their nuclear arsenals, and arms control talks have stalled. A “maelstrom” of misinformation and disinformation makes it difficult to accurately convey risks to the general public, and climate change is at a dangerous crossroads…

There are bright spots, though, Bronson said, which is why the Doomsday Clock hands weren’t moved even closer to midnight.

Messaging surrounding climate change is beginning to break through the noise, for one, with people showing a responsiveness to calls for individual action.

As with wearing masks, we’ve seen that individual decisions, when aggregated, can make a powerful difference, Bronson said.


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