Federal Judges Are Retiring Now That Joe Biden Will Pick Their Replacements

“It has been my honor to serve,” U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts wrote to Biden on Inauguration Day, roughly 90 minutes after he took office, announcing her plans to step down. “With respect, I congratulate you on your election as the 46th President of the United States, and Kamala Harris on her election as Vice President.”

In total, eight of these retiring judges were appointed by President Bill Clinton, and two were appointed by President Barack Obama; it would make sense that they’d want a Democratic president to fill their vacancies. But five of these judges were appointed by President George W. Bush. 

As of Wednesday, Biden has 46 district court vacancies and three appeals court vacancies to fill ― numbers that will only continue to grow. 

Trump put in 230 plus people into judgeships, Obama – 175, Bush – 206, and Clinton – 204 in their first terms.

Huff Post

According to Wikipedia., there are 870 authorized Article III judgeships: nine on the Supreme Court, 179 on the courts of appeals, 673 for the district courts and nine on the Court of International Trade. That number varies.


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