California Man With ‘White Privilege’ Credit Card Accused of Planning to Bomb Democrats

A suspected far-right extremist in California who was carrying a “white privilege” mock credit card has been charged with possessing pipe bombs and police have accused him of threatening to bomb Democratic lawmakers.

Officers found a sticker on Rogers’ vehicle window that is commonly used by the “Three Percenters,” a paramilitary group who ascribes to extreme anti-government, pro-gun beliefs.

The “three percent” refers to the belief that only three percent of the American colonists fought against the British during the American Revolution in the 1700s. Many ex- and current servicemen and police officers are members of the anti-establishment group, which was founded in 2008 when Democratic President Barack Obama was in power.

In a court filing, investigators said Rogers’ claimed he had the pipe bombs for entertainment, but text messages recovered from his phone indicate the explosives were not going to be used for that purpose. “I want to blow up a democrat building bad” and other messages indicated Rogers wanted to target the Sacramento Capitol building, where California Governor Gavin Newsom’s offices are based.

Source: MSN

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