Election Post-Mortem Autopsy Report: Trump Was Untrustworthy and Crushed By Pandemic Response

It turns out that Trump didn’t lose the election because of voter fraud, and that’s coming from his own top level campaign’s autopsy report.

Not only was the voter perception that he wasn’t honest or trustworthy and that he was a pandemic moron, but he was hemorrhaging support from (gulp!) white voters!

The 27-page report, which was written by Trump chief pollster Tony Fabrizio, shows how Trump advisers were privately reckoning with his loss even as Trump and his supporters were spinning election-fraud conspiracy theories.

The autopsy was completed in December 2020 and distributed to Trump’s top political advisers just before President Joe Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration. It’s unclear if Trump himself has seen it.

The findings are based on an analysis of exit polling in 10 states. Five of them — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — are states that Trump lost after winning them in 2016. The other five — Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas — are states that Trump won in both elections.

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