Democrats Move Forward With Reconciliation Bill and Joe Manchin

Democrats are set to move forward with COVID-19 relief bill as holdout Senator Joe Manchin (WV) indicated his support.

On Monday Pelosi and Schumer introduced a budget resolution bill that would allow them to pass President Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus with just a simple majority in both chambers, and on Tuesday Manchin decided to move forward.

This morning on MSNBC, Manchin clarified.

Manchin’s home state Republican West Virginia Governor indicated his support for a big bill. Maybe there was a conversation between the two?

Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen met virtually with Democratic senators and decided the GOP $618 billion proposal was too small. Biden made it clear with the group of 10 GOP senators that he wouldn’t delay aid to the country waiting for bi-partisanship.

Mitch McConnell: “They’ve chosen a totally partisan path,” McConnell said. “That’s unfortunate.”

The two sides are far apart, with the Republican group of 10 senators focused primarily on the health care crisis and smaller $1,000 direct aid to Americans than the $1,400 payments Biden proposed, while the president is leading Democrats toward a more sweeping rescue plan to shore up households, local governments and a partly shuttered economy.

  • Biden proposed $170 billion for schools, and the GOP proposed $20 billion.
  • Biden proposed $350 billion for states to keep police, fire and other jobs, while the GOP proposed nothing for states.
  • Biden’s proposal for $1400 to individuals was for households up to $300,000 while the GOP proposed $1000 to individuals making $40,000/year and couples making $80,000/year.

Schumer said that Biden had told the GOP he was willing to make some modifications.

The goal is to have a package passed by March, when extra unemployment assistance and other relief expires.

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