Trump impeachment lawyer says he doesn’t believe Epstein committed suicide

Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide in prison, according to Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyer, David Schoen.

The lawyer, who was appointed by Mr Trump on Sunday, made the comments in an email to Newsweek after the announcement and said they were not “anything to do with a conspiracy theory.”


Both the FBI and Justice Department have investigated the death, But the suggestion by Mr Scohen that Epstein did not commit suicide adds to several conspiracies about the death.

While a New York coroner ruled that they were “confident” Epstein died by suicide, several procedural errors on the day the convicted sex offender died have been the source of several alternative theories.


The errors, which included two allegedly malfunctioning security cameras outside his prison cell, led some to theorise that Esptein was murdered, with the meme “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” shared on social media.



Article submitted by Adamas