Ohio COVID hearing goes off the rails as anti-maskers whine about losing access to favorite cheesy bread!

The Oversight Committee hearing was supposed to elicit public comment on a bill introduced by Republican State Sens. Rob McColley and Terry Johnson to give legislators the power to strike down state health orders that they believed infringed upon their freedoms.

A woman told of her favorite gluten-free bake shop closing down in 2020, thus denying her access to “cheesy bread with the best freshly made marinara sauce I’ve ever tasted.” She also claimed her cat died after being refused treatment during the initial stay-at-home order.

A seventh-grade student from Warren County complained about having to speak loudly during his school’s socially-distanced lunches. He described being annoyed by the overuse of hand sanitizer in school, which dampens his paperwork and has made dodgeballs tougher to grip during gym class.

A guy from Cleveland said he can no longer hear bands playing from his apartment window.

◾️Most at the hearing room did not wear masks.

◾️Masks are not required at the Statehouse.

◾️11,000 Ohioans have died from COVID-19.

◾️47,000 have been hospitalized

◾️Ohio has had 911,000 total cases of the virus, 7th most among the states.

Another long-suffering, poor thing said: 

“I no longer am able to just pop in and out of a store just to get an item or two,” he said. “Instead, I have to prepare myself mentally and physically to defend my reasons why I don’t wear a mask.” 😢

Ohio Capital Journal

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