Free Chat Friday, Week 5

Happy Friday, News Viewers, how are we all doing?

We talk daily about this time in our history — It’s obvious after a few million years, humans haven’t changed; we’re no worse and we’re no better. We haven’t progressed, our inclinations are the same.

“That wasn’t any act of God. That was an act of pure human fuckery.”

Stephen King, The Stand

Daily we read, watch, listen, analyze, discuss what’s happening and words keep recurring, words like insanity, irrationality, crazy buncha mofos, whack jobs and psychopaths. There are the other words as well– hope, future, funny, perfect, good and honest.

“In the face of madness, rationality was powerless.”

Liu Cixin, The Three-Body Problem—-

I’m finding myself looking at it all from a distance these days, eyeing the big picture, because the long view reveals to me a truth–that our close-up, our right here, our right now choices, interactions, accidents, risks, outcomes and reactions during the hour, day, week, year are our sphere of influence and all we have. All There Is.

“Of the four billion life forms which have existed on this planet, three billion, nine hundred and sixty million are now extinct. We don’t know why. Some by wanton extinction, some through natural catastrophe, some destroyed by meteorites and asteroids. In the light of these mass extinctions it really does seem unreasonable to suppose that Homo sapiens should be exempt. Our species will have been one of the shortest-lived of all, a mere blink, you may say, in the eye of time.”

PD James, The Children of Men

I’ll end with one of the most amazing photos I’ve seen in a long time; you’ve seen it too just this week……

Let’s chat, News Viewers, whatcha got?