Ohio Mom says school aide tried to staple note to autistic son’s head!

DATELINE: BOARDMAN, Ohio – According to a police report, officers took a report at the police station on Jan. 20 from Sheli Myers. She told officers that her son with autism was very “shook up” about an incident that happened in class at Boardman Center Middle School the day before.

Myers said that an aide in her son’s classroom attempted to staple a note to his hair, but a staple struck the back of his neck, causing a red mark and slight scabbing.

According to the report, the note was meant to remind the student to bring a water bottle from home. The student had asked the teacher several times for a water bottle, the report stated.

◾️ Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office recommended that charges not be filed.

◾️ The student did not seek medical attention.

◾️ The teacher’s aide “only required a warning as reprimand.”

◾️ The family has retained an attorney.

◾️Boardman is a stone’s throw south of Youngstow and adjacent to Poland Ohio.

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