Last Call: February 13, 2021: Black History Month-The Music Thread

I’m over impeachment; we all knew the results before the trial even began so, it should not shock any of us that forty-three, craven, spineless Republicans voted to acquit the FORMER (he hates that label!) President. Moving on from this disappointing, yet not unexpected, verdict, let’s have some fun.

It’s Black History month and tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. Play your favorite music, talk amongst yourselves, but make sure you tell the ones you love how much you truly love them, especially during these challenging times.

I grew up on ‘black’ music—my father’s love for both Jazz and Blues and my mother’s 50s/60s Doo Wop. I guess that influenced my love for Motown, Rhythm and Blues, Funk, and of course the genres my parents listened to all the time.

Have some fun and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Be safe and please, MASK UP! If using a cloth mask, make sure to double MASK UP and…make sure your mask(s) have a wire that fits snuggly on the bridge of your nose. Yes, masks matter and save lives regardless what ignorant, know-nothing wing nuts claim.

In memory of Mary Wilson, the founder of the Supremes and author of Dream Girl: My Life As a Supreme, who passed away on Monday:

Where Did Our Love Go, was even beamed into space so that astronauts on the Gemini 5 mission could enjoy The Supremes’ glossy pop harmonies.


Sure it’s an oldie but it’s part of history.

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