Dems buzz about breakout stars of Trump’s impeachment

House members who prosecuted the case against Trump are being eyed for higher office.

Rep. Joe Neguse, who is an attorney and the youngest impeachment manager, won acclaim for his compelling and high-minded arguments. | via Getty Images

The Democratic House members who prosecuted the case against former President Donald Trump last week say they’ve been laser-focused on his trial.

But as their speeches were being piped into Americans’ homes 24-7, they also elevated their national profiles — in some cases, generating considerable buzz about their prospects for higher office.

Rep. Madeleine Dean is being talked about as a potential candidate for the open Senate seat in Pennsylvania in 2022, a top priority for the party. Democratic strategists are speculating that Rep. Joaquin Castro, relatively well-known before the impeachment trial, further distinguished himself as an impeachment manager, advancing talk of a statewide bid in Texas. And an ex-Jeb Bush aide went so far as to say that Colorado Rep. Joe Neguse gave his “2004 convention speech” — a nod to former President Barack Obama’s breakout moment in politics.

The group of Democrats includes a number of top Pelosi allies. Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland, an expert in constitutional law, is serving as the lead manager. There are no restrictions on the number of impeachment managers the speaker can name to serve in the role. During the first impeachment trial against Trump, seven House Democrats served as managers

Source: Politico and CNN