With few options, cannabis lounge becomes Oklahoma town’s only shelter for the homeless during deep freeze

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Faced with more than a week of subfreezing temperatures, ice and several inches of snow, a cannabis lounge in Wagoner has stepped up to serve as the town’s only warming station and shelter service for the town’s homeless population.

Budz Lounge on Main, 224 S. Main St., began offering shelter and warming services, as well as food, clothing and blankets to those in need on Saturday after a discussion on the town’s Facebook page raised the issue of what was being done to help the town’s homeless population during the deep freeze that has gripped the state over the past week.

We were watching it unfold on Facebook, people crying out for a need,” Hutt-Greenman said. “We watched it for about half an hour and saw no one step up and said forget that … We’re going to show what compassion and love look like.

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