OHIO: Off to Prison Party was Planned at Bar for Woman Behind Drunk Driving Crash That Nearly Killed Teens

Savannah Schlueter

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – A local woman and her friends decided to throw a party, but this was no ordinary get-together. They apparently wanted to celebrate her role in a drunk driving crash that sent two high school students to the hospital. Savannah Schlueter was one of those students. She is thankful to be back at Edgewood High School this year for her junior year. “Physically, better. A lot better. I still am having memory problems. That’s an issue right now.

Her friend, Caila Nagel, was in the passenger seat. She is doing better too but has a longer road to recovery and is using a wheelchair.

“I hate seeing her like that. I hate seeing her down and hurt and that I’m not like that, I guess you could say. So, it’s been harder. I haven’t gotten to see her a lot,” said Savannah.

Caila Nagel

There was an invitation circulating Facebook sent to Local 12 from viewers. It was called “Sending Samantha Harvey off to prison.” Harvey pleaded guilty for her role behind the wheel in the crash.

The party was to be held at Rick’s Tavern & Grille in Fairfield. The bar said that they did not know what the party was for and issued a statement.

The driver, Samantha Harvey, is scheduled to be sentenced March 3, and could get 78 months in prison.

Samantha Harvey

Local 12

Savannah suffered two collapsed lungs, multiple broken ribs, a lacerated kidney, spinal fractures, torn rotator cuffs and a traumatic brain injury, according to her mother, Candy Schlueter. “God saved her life”.

Caila suffered similar injuries, Candy says. She’s been in a wheelchair ever since.

“She’s a miracle,” Candy said of Savannah. “God saved her life, hers and Caila’s.”


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