Free Chat Friday, Week 7

Happy Friday, News Viewers, and it is a happy one despite the usual bad and insane news. What are you talking about, you may ask? I refer to yesterday’s landing of the Mars Rover Perseverance and it’s drone buddy Ingenuity.

Yesterday we heard on our live feed this remarkable craft survive the “7 minutes of terror”– the entry into Mars’ atmosphere, the descent during which the parachute is deployed AND the landing. Now the work begins. . . .

I’ve included here a few NASA travel posters to go with the political cartoons. These posters, and there are many more of them, were developed by NASA a few years ago to continue excitement in the Space Program. I LOVE these posters, done in a style that’s retro and futuristic at the same time, and they evoke illlustrations from mid-century science fiction writers like Ray Bradbury or Robert Heinlein

As the Rover landing was going on and we watched it here on NV, here are some words we hardly heard: Trump, Donald, Megalomaniac, fat ass, orange ass, Melanoma, perfect letter, perfect phone call, hopeless, craven, narcissistic, delusional, me me me or I I I, fact check, Trumplican or Liar.

Instead we heard words like Perseverance, Ingenuity, permagrin, Mars Bar and Milky Way and Snickers and payday (a chocolate theme), curiosity, exploring, brilliant, excruciating, billions of dollars, billions of years, “when I was a kid” distance, time and so on. We had absence of Trump and it was a reminder that before long, good talk will outweigh bad.. . .

It’s free chat Friday and who knows WHAT will be said, there is a lot to choose from. Tell us what is going on with you, yours and anything else that comes to mind– whatcha got, News Viewers?

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