Biden Visits Pfizer, Relief Bill Unveiled

President Biden visited Pfizer’s plant in Portage, Michigan, on Friday, to thank the nearly 3,000 workers there who are making coronavirus vaccines, ensuring every dose is properly made, safe, and free of contaminants, and then properly inspected and packaged. 

The western Michigan plant is Pfizer’s biggest manufacturing site, comprising 1,300 acres. It is where Pfizer finishes producing the COVID-19 vaccine it created with German-based biotechnological company BioNTech, filling the vials, and preparing them for shipment.

House Democrats also released the text of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package that they hope to pass by the end of the month.

The 591-page bill addresses unemployment benefits that are set to expire next month, funding to states and local governments, and funds for research and development and distribution of vaccines. Also included is the $15/hour federal minimum wage proposal, which might be scrapped by the Senate parliamentarian who could decide it does not abide by budget reconciliation guidelines.

Source info at Detroit Free Press and The Hill