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Welcome to Free Range, our new weekly open thread about animals; this week THE story is Texas and surrounding areas and its animal inhabitants who are cold and colder. What started as a rare cold snap for Texas has turned into a full blown emergency. A few examples are given below, and so compelling is the continuing story of the sea turtles who were shocked into a semi-coma as a result of the cold.

Turns out there are folks in Texas who rally around these turtles who are rare, huge and old and typical of animals, such slo-mo turtles bring us together as a clan with a mission; that of getting them warm so they continue on.

This Winter, in Texas with the power down, about 5.000 of these gigantic peaceful oddities are on the floor of a convention center to warm up. . . . .And they aren’t the only animals who need our help– they’re just the tip of the iceberg….. . . (har har, sorry, couldn’t resist. . . . .)

Source: Bored Panda

This is from 2018 and is not Texas; I tacked it on at the end because these penguins are so freaking cute, I couldn’t bear to edit them out…….

We’re talking about all things animal today, whether it’s a story of animal rescue to story of the animal field trip (yes, that means you, penguins!) to a story of your own pets plots and plans… . . . Welcome and yes, it IS Monday–what’s on your mind?

Sources: ABC News

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