MAGAt doctor charged with hate crime in alleged attack on Hispanic man on Inauguration Day: ‘This is my America’

On Inauguration Day, fifty- eight year old Dr. Jennifer Susan Wright, an anesthesiologist at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, allegedly assaulted a Hispanic man in a Publix parking lot. The incident first began when Dr. Wright would not back up from the unidentified man in the grocery line. He had asked her several times in Spanish to step back, socially distance from him, but she ignored his requests.

Instead, the good doctor allegedly walked up on the man in the parking lot and stood within one foot of his face while he tried to load his groceries. She then allegedly “vandalized his car, spewed racist slurs, and assaulted him.”

“This is not going to be Biden’s America, this is my America. We should have burned it all. We should have gotten rid of you when we could.”

During the attack, Dr. Wright allegedly “used her keys to scratch and ‘stab the victim’s vehicle while saying he needed to go back to his country.’ When the man took out his phone and attempted to call the police, Wright allegedly punched him. When the phone dropped to the ground, Wright stomped on it and kicked the man, police said.

After the alleged assault, Wright drove away in her Jeep Wrangler. On Friday, one month later, she was arrested outside her home in Miami Springs, Fla. According to arrest records, authorities have charged Wright “with tampering with a victim, criminal mischief and battery with prejudice, which is classified as a hate crime.”

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