The Five Trump Amendments to the Constitution…if he succeeded in altering our system of government.

A precedent;  “something done or said to serve as a rule or example.” 

Presidents have been the authors of informal constitutional amendments due to actions considered a precedent and later adopted, such as the two term limit set by George Washington. Term limits weren’t formalized until it was broken by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

If Trump’s constitutional incursions were left to stand, Congress would be reduced to an advisory body, giving carte blanche to future rogue presidents.

Hopefully it’s unlikely that some future political body will argue “rogue behavior” is now somehow the norm and sets a “precedent” to be followed; if so the following amendments would be the legacy of Trump;   

Amendment 1. No president shall be removed from office for treason, bribery, or any other crime or misdemeanor, no matter how high, should a partisan minority of the Senate choose to protect him.

Amendment 2. Congressional oversight shall be optional. No congressional subpoena or demand for testimony or documents shall bind a president who chooses to ignore it.

Amendment 3. Congressional appropriations shall be suggestions. The president may choose whether or not to comply with congressional spending laws, and Congress shall have no recourse should a president declare that his own priorities supersede Congress’s instructions.

Amendment 4. The president shall have authority to make appointments as he sees fit, without the advice and consent of the Senate, provided he deems his appointees to be acting, temporary, or otherwise exempt from the ordinary confirmation process.

Amendment 5. The president shall have unconstrained authority to dangle and issue pardons for the purpose of obstructing justice, tampering with witnesses, and forestalling investigations.

The Five Trump Amendments to the Constitution – The Atlantic