Talko Tuesday: Pet Peeves

I don’t really know why I chose pet peeves as a topic of discussion but, we all have them so, why not share them.

  • Wanna drive me crazy? Leave a cupboard or drawer open. I have this thing about cupboard and drawers left open and it just drives me insane. If you need something from either, get it and close the damn door or drawer; it’s not that hard.
  • I wear a mask everywhere. Because of the variants, I now wear two mask. But if I’m in my car by myself, I’m not wearing a mask; to hell with that. I see so many people drive down my street, alone, wearing a mask…WHY? I really see no reason why one needs a mask when they are all by their lonesome.
  • Toilet paper: My husband and I constantly are changing it around. He’s an ‘under’ and I’m an ‘over.’ Leave the damn toilet paper alone.
  • And if you see something dropped on the floor, pick it up. Don’t just walk over it a zillion times. Reach down and pick it up. My kids used to do that and it would just amaze me (and piss me off).

So, now you know a few of my pet peeves, tell me yours—we all have them. I know mine are pretty ridiculous when you think about them so, don’t feel embarrassed if you think yours might be ridiculous as well.

Happy Tuesday!

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