Ohio GOP lawmaker praises Amish community for not wearing masks: “They’ve culled the herd”

In a debate held by the Ohio House of Representatives on Wednesday, Republican state Rep. Diane Grendell made her case for a hands-off pandemic response by praising the Amish’s lax attitude toward the virus, arguing that they’ve simply let the virus infect them and “culled the herd.”

“They don’t wear masks,” Grendell said of the Amish in her state. “They refuse to because they believe in god.”

Grendell did mention that seven members of Ohio’s Amish community passed away after becoming infected. “Many of them were older,” she explained, “and they had their problems.”

“But now they don’t have it anymore,” she exclaimed. “They’ve culled the herd, so to speak.”

Sources:  Salon and Raw Story

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