Free Chat Friday, Week 7

William “Cody” Anderson, 78, an iconic leader in Black radio in Philadelphia for decades, died Saturday, Feb. 20, of complications from COVID-19, his family said. Mr. Anderson was the cohost of Electric Magazine on Saturday mornings on WURD 96.1 FM/900 AM. He had been the first general manager at WURD, the only African American-owned-and-operated talk radio station in Pennsylvania.

“Cody was a pioneer and giant in broadcast journalism in the Black community in Philadelphia for decades. He was a consistent, constructive, confident voice on the air,” City Council President Darrell Clarke said. “He encouraged persons of color to enter politics, to serve people, and make their communities better places to live.

“A symbol of positivity, class and achievement for our community is gone. It is on us now to carry on in his memory and in service to others. Rest in Power, my good friend The Philadelphia Inquirer

Happy Friday, News Viewers, as we intrepidly face another day of news. and share views about it. Lots to see and say, and I’m realizing that about this time a full year ago, I went in to lockdown as news came in about a new novel strain of coronavirus. A solid year, with probable vaccination for me in a couple of weeks. And while it may be winding down, the rest of the News is cranking up. . . …… our new president seeks to address all those pesky problems. The chief of the Pesky Problems seems to be the Republican party, which we are accepting as the Party of Duncitude or Dunce a Bunch, or the always Trumplicans. Seems they haven’t learned a thing, are continuing “the Big Lie”, are lying to avoid getting caught while meanwhile insisting “we know nothing!”

Let’s talk about it — anything goes within reason and without reason what’s going on in your neck of the woods?

Who should be the next senator from California?