The House passes the George Floyd police overhaul bill with one Republican vote; he hit the wrong button

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which would ban chokeholds among other sweeping police policy changes strictly along party lines. But, one Republican voted with the Democratic Party because he pressed the wrong button.

Mega MAGAt Texas Rep. Lance Gooden took to Twitter to explain what happened but has since deleted his tweet.

He then offered another explanation for why he voted to stop some forms of excessive force:

As the Washington Post points out, Gooden’s vote “was the latest addition to a storied history of distracted or confused lawmakers casting the wrong vote — sometimes with far more consequential results.”

State lawmakers in North Carolina and Montana have done the same, which had devastating results.

Democratic state Rep. Becky Carney accidentally voted in favor of overturning the Democratic governor’s veto of a bill that would legalize fracking; she claimed she was tired.

Montana Rep. Tom Jacobson gave state Republicans a big win when he accidentally voted against a bill to expand Medicaid coverage in his state.

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