Another Oath Keeper Arrested, This One Provided Security for Roger Stone on January 6

A suspected member of the Oath Keepers who provided security detail for Roger Stone on January 6 has been arrested.

In documents made public on Monday, the FBI says Robert Minuta, 36, who owns a tattoo shop in New Jersey, “berated and taunted” U.S. Capitol Police while he was clad in military-style gear, then attacked the Capitol and disrupted Congress as it was certifying President Joe Biden’s election victory.

The FBI claims that Minuta deleted a Facebook account he had kept for 13 years in order to conceal his involvement.

He was taken into custody over the weekend.

“Minuta stormed the Capitol grounds and was photographed standing in a crowd of rioters near a Capitol entrance, filming U.S. Capitol police officers with a mobile cellular phone,” the charging documents say.

“Eventually, Minuta unlawfully breached the Capitol building itself.”

Later, as he exited, he was caught on video shouting to police: “All that’s left is the Second Amendment!”

The charges against Minuta include unlawful entry, tampering with documents, and obstructing an official proceeding.

Nine other accused Oath Keepers have already been charged in the Capitol riots on January 6.

From the New York Times and local sources.