Texas Woman Was Burning Bible in Backyard When Duplex Caught Fire


The San Antonio resident was burning the sacred book in her backyard when the fire suddenly spread into her house and her neighbor’s, witnesses told local news station WOAI-TV. No one was injured in the early-morning blaze, but the fire caused about $150,000 in damages and displaced multiple residents and their dogs, according to the station.

The neighbor whose home was damaged said he and other residents woke up around 7 a.m. with the woman banging on their doors announcing the fire. First responders arrived at the scene moments later and found the two homes engulfed in flames.

The fire starter was taken in by police, but no charges were announced. 

There was no motive given for setting the book on fire.

NY Daily

John Bailey said he and his sister lost all of their medication in the fire and their five dogs are being taken to an animal shelter until they can find temporary shelter.

FOX 29

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