Two Arizona Women Cited After Bath & Body Works Brawl

Through an investigation, police said an argument and confrontation escalated into a physical fight between two groups of people over cutting in line. Police interviewed the women involved, employees and witnesses and reviewed surveillance video. 

Three related women waiting in line together stepped up to pay and the mother asked if they couldn’t see her and her baby standing there, the women told police. 

The mother said the young woman put her body over her daughter’s stroller so she told her to back up, then, the mother tells the mother-in-law that she’s “trailer park trash,” at which point the young woman, wearing all black, walks back over to the mother and can be seen yelling at her and then throwing a bag at her, which hits an employee in the face according to the police report.

After that it’s off to the races.

Read the blow-by-blow at AZ Central

Police identified the women involved as 25-year-old Briana Johnson and 45-year-old Johlyn O’Daniel who were both cited for assault and disorderly conduct.

Scottsdale police do not believe the incident was racially motivated or related to COVID-19 rules and restrictions.

ABC 15

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