Michael Cohen Has Seventh Interview With Manhattan DA

Michael Cohen, Trump’s one time personal attorney, said on Wednesday that he met with prosecutors from the Manhattan DA’s office for the seventh time.

Cohen said the Zoom meeting lasted over two and a half hours, and spoke with lead investigator Mark Pomerantz, an expert on white-collar crime who put away mob boss John Gotti and other organized crime figures. Also on the call was Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, General Counsel Carey Dunne and Assistant DA Solomon Shinerock, according to Cohen.

The Supreme Court ruled on March 1 that the Manhattan DA could obtain Trump’s tax records from his accountants.

After that ruling, Vance’s office obtained millions of pages of records from Trump’s accountants at Mazars USA LLP, including tax returns and the business records on which they are based, and communications between the Trump Organization and its accountants.

Earlier this week, the former guy was seen in New York City making a quick visit to Trump Tower. He left with boxes of files and returned to Mar-a-Lago.

See NBC and Reuters.