Free Chat Friday, Week 11

A year ago, Free Chat Friday was on Friday the 13th, GO FIGURE. The five cartoons grouped below are some of what we ran that day.

Here is a bit of the intro we wrote for that FCF one year ago: “This week, we have talked about every aspect of a new strain of the Corona Virus, COVID-19. In typical NV fashion, as we’ve approached, researched, discussed, disagreed, processed, defined every aspect of the Virus, we’ve witnessed fear but also surprise; an adversary to health which may prove, politically, a friend for life; a disease which confronts our wanna-be King with his true sickness– a delusional sense of self importance at the expense of the welfare of the people.. After the past four years, it may be a virus that reminds us that We the People are far better at healing ourselves than one wrong-headed president is at keeping us sick. Corona and Trump, two birds, one stone.

From March 13, 2020 Free Chat Friday

Now, a year later, what’s happening in this neck of the woods?

Happy Friday News Viewers, I don’t know about you, but I’m still thinking about Biden’s speech last night, his last 50 days, our last year, two years, the Trump years, the trauma years, which brings me back to now, and the light at the end of the tunnel — IF and that’s a big IF enough people work together.

What are you thinking about today? Let’s chat about the year and years gone by, the year and years coming up and right now….. Whatcha got?