After failed Trump prophecy, Jeremiah Johnson ends ministry

Jeremiah Johnson ended his ministry and launched a You Tube series entitled “I was wrong” in which he refers to Trump as having character flaws…a message he received in dreams. The decision came after backlash from fellow evangelical Christians for publicly apologizing for prophesying that Donald Trump would be reelected president.

Johnson said he did not make the decision lightly, writing in a Facebook post that he ended Jeremiah Johnson Ministries “after much prayer and the clear direction of the Lord.”

Johnson said during the series, which he described as a money loser, that apologizing wasn’t enough.

“I believe that it is a tremendous mistake to take the next four years to argue and debate and cause division and grow more prideful talking about how we think the election was taken from Donald Trump. I actually believe we need to take the next four years and humble ourselves,” he said.

Johnson plans to delete all social media accounts after building a right wing audience as one of the first evangelicals to take Trump’s candidacy seriously in 2015.

He admitted Monday on Facebook that he expects ending Jeremiah Johnson Ministries to mean “tremendous financial loss and the removal of influence that has been well established over the last decade.

Johnson will launch a new website and outlines plans for a ministry called the Altar Global.

Instead of offering what Johnson called “prophetic commentary” on current events, the Altar Global will “help prepare the Bride of Christ for the return of our glorious Bridegroom King Jesus,” according to the website.

The Washington Post