Crystal Ball Starts Wisconsin House Fire That Causes $250K in Damage

The homeowner in Delton called 911 at around 4:17 p.m. after noticing heavy smoke billowing throughout the house, the Delton Fire Department said in a news release posted to its Facebook page. First responders were able to put out the fire, the department said. Fire officials said flames were restricted to the home’s living room.

An investigation determined the fire started on a couch in the living room. Fire officials said the cause of the blaze was from a glass “crystal ball” ornament. The object had been positioned on a table near the couch in direct sunlight.

“When sunshine came through a large set of windows and through the glass ball, it ignited the couch,” the Delton Fire Department said in its news release.

The Fire Department said the crystal ball acted like a magnifying glass.


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