Kevin McCarthy tries to force Swalwell off House Intelligence Committee

Representative Eric Swalwell

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Friday he will offer a resolution next week to remove California Democrat Eric Swalwell from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, an effort a senior Democratic aide called a “waste of time” that won’t go anywhere.  

“Pelosi just reappointed Eric Swalwell to the Intelligence Committee. Based on the briefing she and I received together, Swalwell should not be on the panel in charge of guarding our nation’s secrets,” McCarthy said in a tweet

His tweet references a briefing from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and McCarthy received from the FBI on December 18, 2020, about Swalwell’s contacts with a suspected Chinese intelligence operative, according to a McCarthy aide.

GOP lawmakers have repeatedly taken aim at Swalwell due to his previous relationship with Christine Fang, who according to a report in Axios helped fundraise for Swalwell during his 2014 reelection campaign and place an intern inside his office before leaving the country in 2015 amid a federal investigation into her actions

Source: CBS News The Hill